18th August 2020
by HealthyMe Digital

Use the self-care activity ideas (found here) and this template to develop your self-care action plan. Like all action plans make sure you revisit it regularly and update accordingly. And celebrate your successes!

This template is a guide and you can adapt to suit your needs.

1. Self-care Action Plan

  • My Social Connections

My self-care plan to enhance my social connections:



  • My Physical Health

My self-care plan to maintain and improve my physical health:



  • My Behaviour

My self-care plan to improve my actions, behaviour and output:



  • My Thoughts

My self-care plan to nurture my thoughts and mental wellbeing:



2. Outline some potential barriers or things that might get in the way of you practising self-care.



3. What are some options to overcome these barriers?



4. What support or resources do I require?


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