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General wellbeing

by HealthyMe Digital 17 November 2020

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

How can you start stepping out of your comfort zone?


by HealthyMe Digital 5 November 2020

Essential Time Management Tips

Read this short article to learn some essential time management strategies.


by HealthyMe Digital 30 October 2020

Ways to Lead a More Sustainable Life

Leading a sustainable lifestyle means you carefully consider what and how you consume and the overall impact these decis...


by Clare Davy 29 October 2020

Simplify and Declutter

“Practising minimalism”, “decluttering”, and “simplifying your life” are all buzz phrases at the moment.  What do they r...

General wellbeing

by Clare Davy 20 October 2020

What is Self-Care?

Taking care of yourself should not be overlooked. There are many benefits that result from a self-care routine.

Emotional health

by Clare Davy 13 October 2020

Practising Self-Reflection to develop Self-Awareness

Being able to monitor and reflect on our emotions and thoughts is key to understanding ourselves better and enables us t...

Mental health

by HealthyMe Digital 30 September 2020

Brain Gym - Dogs have Schedules?

Exercise your brain with this interesting quiz.

General wellbeing

by Clare Davy 30 September 2020

Guide to Beginning Meditation

For our minds to be healthy we need to make time to slow down, disconnect and pause. Meditation is the perfect way to gi...

General wellbeing

by Clare Davy 24 September 2020

Disconnect to Reconnect

Read this article to gain some tips to 'disconnect to reconnect' and strengthen your relationships.

by Clare Davy 15 September 2020

Home-Schooling Resource List

This list includes various resources that are available to parents and children to assist them during the home-schooling...

General wellbeing

by HealthyMe Digital 1 September 2020

The Power of Visualisation

You may have read or heard about visualisation but not been sure where to start. We will give you a quick overview of it...

General wellbeing

by HealthyMe Digital 28 August 2020

Strategies to manage your Health Anxiety

Discover seven strategies that will help you manage your feelings of worry and concern.


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