Transitioning back to the office and working face-to-face can be a big adjustment. As humans, we all have different chronotypes, meaning we can be inclined to sleep, work, and recover at different times of the day. Understanding your chronotype is essential to being productive and working to your best ability.

Discover your chronotype, learn how you can build a strategic schedule around this whilst creating balance and how you can work on a team with different chronotypes to you.

Webinar details


22 Jun 2022 - 12:00pm AEDT


45 mins

Jack Harrison

Jack is a recent graduate in Software Engineering with an extensive background in the design and development processes that come with engineering. This coupled with his skill to adapt to new toolsets and work environment provides a unique perspective to an IT Administrative role. Jack holds a passion for anything based in technology, which he loves sharing with others. His communication skills allow him to share his knowledge and learn from the other team members. When he is not working behind the scenes as IT and administration support for Allegra Consulting, Jack has a love for collaborating with others in writing and telling stories.

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